Now is the Time

Hello friends, Over twenty five years ago everything changed. My search for answers to life’s questions was coming up empty, and things had become unmanageable. Out of sheer desperation, I cried out to the Lord and surrendered my life to Christ. I quickly discovered the missing element was a relationship with God, and I soon [...]

Are Natural Disasters God’s Judgment?

Many believers think natural disaster is a result of God’s judgment. This is not surprising since many Christian believers also believe in karma, a Buddhist idea that attributes one’s current situation to a past action. It seems logical at first blush, but a closer look reveals inconsistencies. For instance, if widespread flooding and wind damage [...]

Self Esteem

Dear friend, The longer I work with people the more I discover about relationships. One glaring complication I’ve observed is how low self-esteem negatively affects the human personality. Whenever someone is not walking in healthy self-esteem it affects their relationships with everyone around them every single time. When I look back on my earlier life [...]